Friday, March 06, 2009

RPM 2009 - Feels Good (The Album)

Once again, I have attempted to make an album entirely in the month of February, for the RPM Challenge. Once again, I succeeded, and nearly drove myself mad. You can stream or download the files below.

Download a zip of the whole album here (320kbps mp3): Feels_Good

Right-click/Save As on the title to download the individual mp3, or simply click the sideways triangle to stream:

Feels Good

Don Rova

Exposed Brick

mood interlood

Vy Null

In Some Other Room (Pee-Ah-No)

Nacirema Tirips

Battery Record Counter Tape

River Underworld Empiricism

1001 Mind Techniques


I can always get you a hard (CD) copy if you prefer - that is, if you still roll that way. Just drop me a line.

Also - all questions, criticisms, praise, or confused rants are always welcome in the comments! I am open to any and all discussion about instruments, methods, cocktails, etc.


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