Friday, March 06, 2009

RPM 2009 - Feels Good (The Album)

Once again, I have attempted to make an album entirely in the month of February, for the RPM Challenge. Once again, I succeeded, and nearly drove myself mad. You can stream or download the files below.

Download a zip of the whole album here (320kbps mp3): Feels_Good

Right-click/Save As on the title to download the individual mp3, or simply click the sideways triangle to stream:

Feels Good

Don Rova

Exposed Brick

mood interlood

Vy Null

In Some Other Room (Pee-Ah-No)

Nacirema Tirips

Battery Record Counter Tape

River Underworld Empiricism

1001 Mind Techniques


I can always get you a hard (CD) copy if you prefer - that is, if you still roll that way. Just drop me a line.

Also - all questions, criticisms, praise, or confused rants are always welcome in the comments! I am open to any and all discussion about instruments, methods, cocktails, etc.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Calm Domino or Durr

More Nord Micro Modular fun. I forgot how much awesomeness is trapped inside that little beauty.

This is a single patch I made the other night... it's performed all with knobs, in one take. There is very little 'sequencing', as it were - mostly just lfos and oscillator sync doing tricky things. Some slight fx were added afterward in Live. Not terribly exciting, but fun to build.

I'm breaking out all the old toys and messing around, trying to prepare myself for RPM 2009.
I encourage all to try it - it's quite an experience.

Rock on.

Oh, and the title is an anagram. ;)