Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hi Everyone! (Me)

I'm going to start posting here again. I have erased posts about some fucking trip I took a long fucking time ago, because it's irrelevant to me now.

I'm going to try to stay more music oriented for now, so I have an excuse to put my new tracks on-line and record my thoughts about them. Since I have no 'readers', as it were, I'll just think of it as a little on-line diary (isn't that what blogs were sorta meant to be about in the beginning anyway?) or whatever, cataloging my musical thoughts and experiences - whether it be with Los Des or just by my lonesome self, so I can come back and be amused at my dorkiness later (or at least until Google eats itself and destroys everything - haha). Plus, talking to yourself is a sign of awesomeness. My clinical trials have proven this.

So - hello, Future Me! And if you are bored enough to be randomly reading - hello, You!

So I was inspired to do this by this guy Jake Mandell. I found out him and his tonedeafness test through one of my favorite blogs, MusicThing.

This dude is apparently a producer who is in med school now and enjoys neuroscience, and also happened to work on Reaktor and Absynth (soft-synths I have yet to use, but have a great rep) for NI. Sounds like my kind of guy. Anyway, he's started posting his rough tracks on his new site and I really, really dig them. Very unique. I will certainly be checking out his albums.

Here is his site. The Unreleased Music tracks are neat-o.

Also, the tonedeafness test is really tricky. Can be an ego booster or destroyer, depending. You have to pay really close attention. It makes me feel like I'm in theory class again. It seems to have a lot to do with short-term memory, which is something I have made a valiant effort to destroy over the years. I got 86.1%. Thank god I'm above average. I wasn't quite prepared for the difficulty (I thought I would pwn it) so maybe I could do better if I were. But I'm OK with my results so I'll just not risk disappointing myself.